We Are Meccano Experts

We have been sourcing hard to find Meccano components for many years, in that time we have probably seen every possible part you could imagine from the simplest screw to the most rare and obsolete of parts and part finishes.

We are always seeking out new sources and currently have around 20000 lines in stock, and if we haven’t got it, we will try to find it.

We have a stock of used sets covering most eras. Can we help with what you are looking for ?.

We are a member of the Runnymede Meccano Guild.

Christmas Comes Just Once Per Year

Seasons Greetings everyone from Flangebracket. We have been busy little elves preparing ourselves for the xmas rush and have been counting stock to make sure we have all the right Meccano Spares ready for your orders. From flanged disks to … Read More

Christmas Meccano

At flange bracket we are used to unusual meccano requests around this time of year. If you have a special Christmas project and need some special parts why not get in touch?

Meccano Bought and Sold

In some cases we also buy bulk meccano, so if you have some meccano and would like a quote please let us know. We also sell a huge range of spare parts including parts which are hard to find.

We seriously love Meccano

You are unlikely to find anyone else more passionate about Meccano, from finding the right spares through to seeking out new ways to categorise them, we simply love meccano. Why not give us a try, from any hard to find … Read More

Meccano Parts and Spares

I’m reviewing my stock of french meccano parts today, it’s interesting looking back on how the range has evolved from it’s first days through to now, with so many exotic items now available. But let’s face it, there are a … Read More

Meccano Spare Parts

Are you looking for meccano spare parts? We have a huge range in store. Double Angled Strips, Cranks, Eccentrics, Springs, Hooks, you name it, we probably have it. At Flangebracket we are as passionate about Meccano as you are!

Quality Stock

At Flangebracket we can supply a wide range of meccano parts and accessories, all priced competitively based on condition. From Nuts and bolts to chains and pulleys we almost certainly have the meccano part you are looking for.

Meccano Parts and Accessories

Gear Wheels, Pulleys, Pinions and Axle Rods and of course clockwork and eclectic motors. At Flangebracket we have a huge range of Original Meccano including French and English Meccano. No matter what you are looking for we probably already have … Read More

A little Meccano Stocktaking

The Bank Holiday is always a good time for me to check stock levels and to remind myself of all the ¬†Girders, Channels, Plates, Brackets, Brassware and Gears and Toothed Parts. I have an enormous variety of Meccano Spares in … Read More

Meccano Parts List

I thought you might like to see the meccano spare parts list which I use for reference on a daily basis. As you can see this is just the front of four pages and I am proud to say I … Read More

Meccano Parts and Accessories

Today we are working through our search function to see if we can make it quicker to find a Ball Bearing or a Bossed Part and with over 2000 different meccano parts to classify it’s taking a little time but … Read More

Why Flangebracket?

At Flangebracket we are experts in Meccano and have been passionate about building, collecting and selling for many years. We wanted a name which reflected our passion and what better name than a hybrid of one of the most useful … Read More